Trading card game business plan

And I even did it.

Trading card game business plan

You have a nice little following of regular readers, your twitter account is full of interactions, and you find yourself enjoying the whole process.

How to Open a Trading Card Shop with Grosnor Distribution | Upper Deck Blog

Now you have to answer the hard questions like: Fellow part-time troll Josh Silvestri pointed out a couple of things that rang very true while we were chatting about blogs and new websites in general. The first is that most blogs, regardless of their subject, die quickly unless they start making money.

The second cogent point he made was that most blogs have content that is simply worse than what you would get on the major websites.

trading card game business plan

Money ends up being important one way or another. This is why you need to decide on a business plan for your site, and you need to do so early. With a business plan, you at least have a chance to succeed and do cool things.

Potential Paths 1 The Store Front Assuming you are running a blog that you want to turn into a full-fledged website about a trading card game, you have a few different revenue streams you can tap in to.

The first one is the obvious one where you act as the front end for a store old StarCityGames. You generate daily content for a website, which in turn is tied to a store front that sells things like games and cards. The traffic from your clicks then drives traffic to the store, which then presumably results in increased sales for the store itself.

This is by far the easiest way to get a revenue engine running behind your website but it takes knowing a store or building that relationship, AND very importantly it cedes some of the control to the people with the purse strings. There are plenty of small vendors out there who might be interested in this type of relationship, but they need to be willing to spend money on marketing which is what your website will be doing to help increase their sales volume.

On the other hand, your budget and livelihood lives or dies based on your ability to generate vast amounts of hits. All of that is cart before the horse though. Generate lots of hits on a consistent basis and you can spend time figuring out the rest.

Basically it involves selling T-shirts, mugs, playmats, sleeves, stickers, whatever — stuff that would appeal to your customer base that you can make a percentage on. If you or your staff are particularly creative like griffnvalentineyou can do some very cool things with this.

However, it involves extra work beyond just what is on your media site, requires finding a vendor you like that can work within a price structure, and possibly some investment in stock as well. Said a different way, you need to have interesting content people would be willing to pay for.

Additionally, by adding this revenue stream to your website, you will take a PR hit, so your site needs to be at such a point that it can take this hit and keep chugging along. For those of you playing the home game, that means pay Magic sites have been around for eight years already.

Oddly enough, since that time only QuietSpeculation. However, their site just kind of exists — updates are irregular and really just an excuse to get together and talk about Magic.

As usual, not everything fits neat into one analytical box. Next Steps Once you have some idea of what your business model will be, you can start fleshing out your expectations for the site.Find out how much money you have, how much you need to get loaned, how much interest have to pay, how many people play card games around the area, who you're going to hire.

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it's serious stuff if you actually want to own and operate a business. Sep 22,  · Plan out the name of your trading card game. It has to be an interesting name so that people will want to play it. The name should be catchy and original, so people will want to play your game%().

The business plan consists of a narrative (body) and financial worksheets. Work through the sections in any order that you want, except for the Executive Summary, which should be done last.

Business of Gaming Retail #5: Game Store Business Valuation. Sixteen cases of the Young Jedi trading card game are worth less than some Warhammer armies, for example.

Business of Gaming Retail #5 Game Store Business Valuation by Lloyd Brown How much to pay when buying a . Opening a Games Store. Ward Batty. March, S o you dream of opening a games store? So did I. Unfortunately I probably picked a poor time to open in terms of the overall economy and the cycle the game business went then he shouldn't open a game store.

Have you started a business plan? If yes, then I refer him to my employer for. Jan 11,  · 2) Join GAMA (Game Manufacturer's Association) In addition to running this little show called Origins, the GAMA provides resources including an FLGS' discussion group from which you can learn A LOT about past issues, current problems, and more - you may even find people willing to go over your business plan.

The GAMA also lets you buy in to a group insurance plan.

How to Open a Trading Card Shop with Grosnor Distribution | Upper Deck Blog