Fish ball business plan

Posted by Foodcartlink In Articles A food cart is a business you can start on small capital, ranging from P30, to a maximum of P, says Josm Rosuello, president of the Foodcart Association of the Philippines.

Fish ball business plan


The main objective of canning is to obtain a shelf-stable product that can be stored in suitable containers for a considerable length of time at least two years without undergoing food spoilage, while retaining desirable nutritional and sensory qualities.

To achieve satisfactory shelf-life the following conditions must be observed: The contents of the cans must be commercially sterilized.

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The inside of the can must be resistant to and damaging effects from fish ball business plan contents and the outside must be resistant to corrosion under reasonable storage conditions. In the following descriptions of the processing stages for various products, operations which are similar are described in Chapter 4.

See Figure 4 "Layout for tuna cannery". Simplified flow sheets for canning tuna in brine, tuna flakes with vegetables and tuna. Sequential processing operations for canning tuna are described as follows: Loss during thawing is 0.

Holding of frozen tuna for long periods before thawing may lead to oxidation of fat resulting in a yellow to orange discolouration on the surface of the cooked loins. Usually this surface discolouration can be removed when the fish is cleaned. Longitudinal cuts are common with large sized tuna and the viscera are removed from the fish on board fishing vessels prior to freezing.

Bonito and skip jack are frozen with viscera. Once thawed, the tuna is washed and inspected for spoilage. If tuna is not eviscerated on board vessels this must be done in the plant.

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The splitting and evisceration procedure is the only butchering operation performed on the tuna while it is in the raw condition. All other cleaning is performed after the tuna has been cooked. This operation is necessary to make it possible to hand pick the light meat from the carcass and also to remove some of the oil from oily fish.

The fish is placed in baskets which are placed on racks. The racks of butchered fish are rolled into the cookers which are usually of rectangular cross section and made of reinforced steel plate with a door, or doors, at one or both ends.

The pre-cooking is a batch type operation. Steam is admitted through a steam spreader on the floor of the cooker. Steam vent and drain valves are provided to permit removal of air and condensate.

Pre-cooking may also be carried out in boiling brine. The pre-cooking time for individual batches varies widely according to the size of tuna.

Tuna is cooled thoroughly to firm the flesh before the manual cleaning operation can be performed. After the pre-cooking and cooling operations, tuna is individually cleaned.

Mahachai to set up fish ball plant in Myanmar

The head is removed and the fish is skinned and split into halves before removing the tail and backbone. The loins are produced by splitting the halves of the fish along the median line. The production of solid packs was formerly a hand-packing operation, but is now carried out by machines.

This machine produces a cylinder of tuna loins of uniform density from which can be cut can-zised segments of uniform weight. Chunk packs are produced from loins which are cut on a moving belt by means of reciprocating cutter blades. The cut loins are then filled into cans by tuna filler machines.

Flakes and grated tuna, which is produced from broken loins and flakes, are J packed in the same way as chunk packs.

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The open cans next pass the line where additives such as salt, vegetables and finally either water or oil are added. Oil should be added slowly over a sufficient stretch of the line to permit its thorough absorbtion by the tuna meat. When oil is not added an equivalent amount of water replaces it.

Small cans may be closed, without a vacuum, and processed directly, whereas larger ones must be vacuum sealed.

fish ball business plan

As the pressure in the can increases considerably during heat processingthe vacuum is necessary to minimize the pressure increase in order to reduce the chance of distortion peaking and damage to the double seam. After processing and cooling the formation of.

The vacuum also reduces the residual oxygen content in the can and therefore the extent of internal corrosion. · With only one week in Hong Kong, the trip begins with Fish Ball Noodle Soup! We have a little mishap with directions, but eventually get back on track with the original

·  Processing Operations General. Fish should be chill stored at a temperature between 0º and 2 ºC, or sorted frozen in freezers at temperatures below °C. When frozen fish is used, it must be thawed before grading and/or  · Figure Commercial Fish Value of Landings ( dollars), Figure Total Value per Pound ( Dollars), Figure Commercial Fish Landings and EVV, Morro Bay and Port San Luis Commercial Fisheries Business Plan Lisa Wise Consulti /Morro_Bay/ Food Cart Business.

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